The cooperation with stakeholders will be ensured through stakeholders’ forums: events that will be organised side-by-side with the workshops and the final consortium meeting. Stakeholder forums will have a form of round tables where the goals of the project will be explained and the relevant stakeholders in the field (NGOs, representatives of institutions providing social services (e.g. public health, court, social welfare institutions), representative of migrant groups and of professional associations of healthcare workers and language professionals) will be invited in order to generate multiplier effects at territorial and sector-specific level. These forums will allow the consortium to share the innovative ways of their approach (in particular, since this will be the first time that the experts in the field of intercultural mediation and community interpreting and public health will be working together with a common goal of raising the quality of these services on the market) and to upscale the good practices developed during the project. Since the workshops will be organized in all the states of the partners (Norway, Italy, Greece and Slovenia), the stakeholder forums will be able to inform stakeholders of the activities and goals of the project in different states, and on the other hand they will enable the consortium to receive feedback from stakeholders and adapt the training to the specific needs of a local or regional environment.