TRAMIG has managed to open up employment possibilities for the newly arrived migrants with corresponding competences to find employment as teachers and trainers in community interpreting and intercultural mediation programs, enter the labour market of the host country, and thus make an important step towards the economic and social inclusion into the host country. The project has also resulted in long-term changes  and  improvements for  the  benefit  of  the  disadvantaged  target  groups: first, these  newly  trained trainers  will  enhance possibilities of other newly arrived migrants to be trained and to find employment as community interpreters and intercultural mediators in the host country.

Second, by actively participating in the process of national vocational certification of the professions of a community interpreter and that of an intercultural mediator in Slovenia, TRAMIG consortium members have enabled those newly arrived migrants who already work as community interpreters and intercultural mediators to validate their knowledge and acquire a public and official recognition of their skills. And finally, the high-quality community interpreting and intercultural mediation services provided by these trained or certified professionals will enable the migrant population to access and benefit from basic quality social services, quality education, primary health care, fair trial and political participation in the host country and thus contribute to a more inclusive society.

Secondly, the results of the project also have a positive impact on the European Higher Education Area since it provides material and guidelines on how to train future trainers for community interpreting and intercultural mediation programs and how to respond to the quickly changing language needs in the market.