Traming’s aim

The longterm aim of the project is to enhance a successful inclusion of the newly arrived migrants into the linguistic and economic mainstream of the host country by enabling them to access community or public services, and work independently as community interpreters and/or intercultural mediators, in particular in healthcare settings, or as assistants in programs training community interpreting and intercultural mediation.

In order to reach this goal, the project has:

  1. analysed and delimited the practice, status and role of intercultural mediators and interpreters working in healthcare settings and defined the commonalities and differences in training;
  2. evaluated the existing occupational standards and vocational qualifications for community interpreters and intercultural mediators in healthcare and created a proposal for those partner states that lack such standards and qualifications;
  3. createed a trainer profile for a trainer in a healthcare-community-interpreter- and intercultural-mediator-training programs;
  4. by adapting the aptitude test for conference interpreters selected the candidates from newly arrived migrants who already work in community interpreting or intercultural mediation programs or who work as community interpreters or intercultural mediators for teacher training seminars;
  5. created teacher-training modules drawing on examples of best practices provided by the partners in the consortium;
  6. trained newly arrived migrants to be able to teach in pairs (i.e. participate in collaborative teaching) in classes training healthcare community interpreters and intercultural mediators.

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